Thank you for your time & interest in EXCELLENCE CLEANING PRO Below you will find all the information that you need to know about our company along with our policies.


EXCELLENCE CLEANING PRO requests a cancellation notice between the business hours of 9AM-5:30PM by sending us a text to (781)730-3131 or calling our office (781)730-3131 or sending us an email at INFO@EXCELLENCECLEANINGPRO.COM during our normal business hours. Please give 48 hour notice for cancellations!. Scheduled services canceled less than 48 hours before the scheduled cleaning service will be charged the “full service price of the service requested” in consideration to our other customers and our cleaning professionals. A credit card is required to secure your scheduled service as well as a deposit of $85 that will be applied to the remaining charge upon completion of service. We are not a contract company (depending on the client) though common courtesy is appreciated in this matter considering our cleaners rely on scheduled appointments.

If you are looking to reschedule a service please notify our company at least 48 hours before service to avoid the full cancellation service estimated job fee. We will do our best to reschedule our customers during the 48hour policy. Rescheduling services will not guarantee a service the same week & clients who already have scheduled recurring services will resume service on their next scheduled visit. Rescheduled services may also not guarantee that your assigned cleaner will be available therefore a different cleaner may be assigned to you residential cleaning.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with our cleaning company you are responsible for providing entry to the cleaners on time. If cleaners are unable to access the property upon arrival you will be notified immediately. If we do not receive a response or access to the property within the 20 minutes grace period of arrival your scheduled appointment will be considered as cancelled and the full cancellation serviced job fee estimated will be applied to your account.

If we are contacted outside of usual business hours (9:00am-5:30pm) Monday-Saturday we will reach out the following business day during business hours. Please be sure to leave text messages, voicemails, or emails so that we can contact you directly. If we are notified of a cancellation outside of our business hours and days cancellation fees will be applied.


If you wish to receive an estimate please visit our request form located in our website under “Schedule a Cleaning” Tab. Once we receive your request with all necessary details about your service job needs. You will receive a detailed quote stating what we believe it will cost & how long it would take based on the information provided. Please provide as much detail as possible so that our team can be as accurate as possible with your quote. Please note that our estimates are based on the size of the premises needs of our customers( each job request is assigned a considerable amount of time estimated for the job). Considering all properties vary in size and work needed. Our team will contact you to discuss further details about the booking process once your request is submitted via email with a quote, or by phone. If you wish to contact us directly feel free to give us a call at (781) 730-3131 or email us at Info@excellencecleaningpro.com, if we are not available or if you decide to contact us after business hours please leave a message & we will contact you at our earliest convenience.


First time clients are required to provide a $85.00 deposit to ensure cleaning services will take place. Our team at Excellence Cleaning Pro will provide our clients with the current availability to begin the booking process. Clients are required to provide their full name, address, best contact number, email, and preferred payment method. All first time clients are required to sign an agreement form agreeing to the companies policies before service can take place, if agreement form is not signed before the scheduled appointment service will not take place. Please note if services are booked before 48hr schedule request, payment will need to be submitted in full before scheduling cleaning services.


Upon scheduling, we allow ample time for our cleaners to commute between locations, however, they may not arrive at the exact scheduled time due to circumstances such as heavy traffic and parking or vehicle issues. We will do our best to accommodate varying needs between each client to ensure the quality of our services so the start time may also be affected if the previous client needs additional time to complete the cleaning. In some cases, the cleaners may have to return at a later time to complete the cleaning if the allotted time is not sufficient. We kindly ask that you please allow a 30-60 minute gap for your cleaning technicians to arrive in case we are presented with unforeseen circumstances. If we receive a cancellation for a visit that is before your appointment, we may contact you to begin your scheduled cleaning sooner.


If cleaning takes more time than the original estimated time for the job request, the client has the decision to approve of the extra time & extra charge or customize the remainder of the cleaning to stay within the approved time. If extra time is added please note that there will be an extra charge added. Please note our extra hour charge for services is $95 per additional hour needed.


We do not require clients to stay in their residence during the service, however we do recommend that someone is present at the beginning and at the end of the service. Being present at the beginning and end of service allows the cleaner to do a walk through before they begin to become familiar with the property and a walk through after to ensure customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied please notify Excellence Cleaning Pro within 24 hours of service, we will provide a free re-clean of the areas missed at no cost. If we are notified after the 24 hour period has passed unfortunately we can no longer be held responsible for any of the areas missed.


Due to safety concerns, Excellence Cleaning Pro will not allow its cleaners to move / lift heavy items or furniture. If you would like us to clean behind large appliances (e.g. stove, fridge) or furniture, please move them prior to our arrival. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will be up to our discretion, if we consider it is not a safe working environment for our cleaners to perform services.